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Get Your Glow Again 1:1

Stop Over-Eating and Start Living!


You’re sitting on the sofa feeling guilty and ashamed, looking at the empty tub of ice cream next to you. You know you’re feeling lonely and can’t believe you gave in and made ice cream your friend again.

You’re miserable and feeling down and all you can think about is devouring a few pieces of chocolate (who are we kidding...the whole block!).

You’re stressed to the max with work, anxiety creeps in and you can’t stop digging into the can of Pringles. You know you won’t stop until they’re all gone.

You’re at a low-point in your life with a soul-sucking job that leads you to eat, eat, eat! You feel gross in your body, and your self-esteem is at an all-time low. It’s been weeks since you left the house and went out with your friends and you just don’t know how to climb out of the rut you’re in.

You’re ready for something to change. You’re ready to feel lighter and free.

You’re ready to feel good about yourself for more than just the time it takes to down the tub of ice cream.

You’d love to wake up with positivity and the energy you need to tackle the commitments in your life with ease, to find pleasure and joy in the everyday, and to enjoy the things you do without having any heavy feeling hanging over you.

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • You’re sick of being overwhelmed by your emotions and ending up eating junk food every time you’re stressed, anxious, lonely or unhappy and totally eating your heart out.

  • You want to feel happier and more confident about yourself and your life but you don’t like the way you look, the way you feel or the unfulfilling direction your life is taking right now.

  • You know how to be healthy but can’t seem to stop yourself from reaching for food that only makes you feel crappy and guilty afterwards.

  • Being motivated to get out of bed, and worst of all- getting dressed in the morning- is a mental and emotional battle.

Here’s where I come in!

I help busy women like you who are tired of struggling with their eating habits. You’re sick of feeling unhappy with your body and trying every diet out there. You’re totally over getting ready every day and seeing your muffin top popping over your skirt and your back flab pushing through your bra strap.

I can help you to end your troubled relationship with food and have more fun so you can feel happy, free and love who you see in the mirror.

After completing your Get Your Glow Again Session, you’ll finally feel food and body freedom and have the confidence to create an amazing life.

As a result of this powerful breakthrough session you will:

  • No longer find yourself standing in front of the fridge late at night searching for something to eat; instead you’ll be doing something that’s fun like an adult colouring book, gossiping with your bestie or soaking in the tub.

  • Find it easy to resist cravings because food is no longer the only thing in your life that brings you joy and lights up your soul.

  • Stop reaching for junk food in those times when you’re stressed, bored, sad or down.

  • Be excited about getting up in the morning and seeing your friends and colleagues, knowing your day will be productive and fulfilling.

  • Feel lighter, more energised and ready to take control of your habits once and for all.

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It IS possible to get out of body jail and to make the right choices for a healthy lifestyle.


The Get Your Glow Again program includes:


Kickstarter Questionnaire

This short pre-session questionnaire will help to identify your trigger points for eating when you shouldn’t and start to connect it with how you feel about your life . This will inform the areas which we’ll cover during our first consult- this process alone can trigger some a-HA moments!


Food Diary Illumination Tool

For at least 3 days before your Get Your Glow Again 1-on-1 you will use this interactive PDF to provide an insight into your eating patterns. By using this tool, you’ll start to realise what it is you’re actually eating and it will open your eyes to why you’re feeding yourself.  You’ll become more mindful and start to slow down and pause before you eat. This will help to jumpstart what we will work on in our session together.


Get Your Glow Again 1-on-1

In this 90-minute judgement free session, together we’ll develop your personalised success plan for overcoming your overeating. We’ll go step by step to identify the areas where you’re struggling so that you can make the right food choices, live your best, healthiest life and get your mind and body back in tune. You’ll learn tips for how to eat properly so that food is both healthful and rewarding without bogging you down. You’ll also learn how to infuse more fun, passion and joy into your life, so you no longer need to fill the emotional void with food. We’ll bring you back to your authentic self, which at the core is healthy, vibrant and loved.


Positive Habits Playbook

Within 24 hours of our coaching call you’ll receive a personal roadmap that you can follow for a healthier body and positive mindset. Your personalised playbook will include the tools and strategies we discussed to help you feel more in control so that you stop doing the things you know you shouldn't. By following your playbook, you'll begin to make better eating decisions right away. You'll start to change your thinking and better understand yourself, your motivations and your relationship with food and the world.


New You Follow-up Session

After three weeks of following your playbook and implementing the tools, we’ll have a 30-minute follow-up call to discuss what’s working (and what’s not!) and to make any changes to your plan on your path to loving the skin you are in. You’ll have greater peace around food, and feel more calm and in control in your relationship with food as well as your life.

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Are you ready to feel healthier and more confident so that you can start having a more fulfilling and successful life?


If you’re ready to overcome your emotional over-eating and love yourself more, let’s get started!

To sign up:

  1. Click the BUY NOW button below and be taken to my online scheduler to make your payment and schedule your first session.
  2. Check your email for your Kickstarter Questionnaire to complete and submit at least 24 hours before your first session.
  3. Call me on Skype (simonesamuelswelllness) at your scheduled appointment time- we will meet via video call
  4. Get ready to love your life and the skin you’re in

Still have questions? Email me or set up a 15 minute chat using my scheduler below- I’m happy to help you decide if this is the right package for you.

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One Payment

1 payment of $97 - save 100!


I am going to focus on my self-care and self- healing using the steps Simone gave me so I can find my glow again.

During our 90 minute session together, Simone helped to guide me step-by-step so I could more clearly see what my blocks, problems and emotional concerns were. One by one, I could feel the confusion, mood and heaviness I felt inside slowly lift. While I know that this one session would not completely fix me, I knew that I was making progress and I got the clarity that I wanted.

I now have a clear plan for managing the stress in my life, even with my stressful and challenging job. I know that this important for me to be able to lose the weight I want to lose. I am going to focus on my self-care and self- healing using the steps Simone gave me so I can find my glow again.

I highly recommend hiring Simone. She will help to guide you to feel and look inside yourself and really understand your issues so you can start to work on them with a clear plan in place for how to do that. Thank you Simone!

- Arnieta Monisha

Frequently Asked Questions

+How soon can I have our consult after paying?

You can schedule your Get Your Glow back session at the same time as making your payment, but allow at least one week to complete your Kickstarter Questionnaire and to do your Food Diary prior to making yout time to talk with me.

+How long will this pricing be offered?

I'm not sure yet- maybe a month or perhaps a bit longer. If the package is resonating with you why not sign up now at this great pricing?

+Can I really expect to feel different after this session?

Yes! This is a really powerful and action-packed consult which will leave you brimming with ideas to implement right away. Clients have reported they feel energised, motivated and enthused after working with me.

+Is it possible to meet face-to-face?

At the moment, this package is only offered virutally online, via Skype or Zoom. This is a really convenient yet effective way for us to coach together from the comfort of your home and me in my home office (yay to no traffic jams!)

+How do I know if we are a right fit?

If you're unsure about working with me, you can email me at to set up a complimentary 15 minute chat.

+When do I book the follow-up call?

We will set the follow-up call together when we do our main session together.

Want to chat?

Make an appointment to talk with me on Skype using my scheduler below: