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Investment: $97

Are you ready to feel healthier and more confident so that you can start having a more fulfilling and successful life?

Get Your Glow Again 1:1

You’re ready for something to change.

You’re ready to feel lighter and free.

After completing your Get Your Glow Again Session, you’ll finally feel food and body freedom and have the confidence to create an amazing life.

In this 90-minute judgement free session, together we’ll develop your personalised success plan for overcoming your overeating.

We’ll go step by step to identify the areas where you’re struggling so that you can make the right food choices, live your best, healthiest life and get your mind and body back in tune.

You’ll learn tips for how to eat properly so that food is both healthful and rewarding without bogging you down. You’ll also learn how to infuse more fun, passion and joy into your life, so you no longer need to fill the emotional void with food. We’ll bring you back to your authentic self, which at the core is healthy, vibrant and loved.