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Are you ready to regain your energy, be on top of your game, and live your  life to its fullest?

I can show you how to end the exhaustion, and to feel good in your body without dieting, deprivation or a crazy fitness routine.


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Hi! Are you a busy, woman entrepreneur, seeking to build a sustainable business without sacrificing your well-being?


Does this feel like you?

  • You're tired of going it alone as you find ways to improve your health while running your business and life

  • You yearn for a community for support as you navigate the journey of transformation of your mind and body

  • You want accountability to keep you focused and on-track in both your business and healthy lifestyle without the stress and overwhelm so you can find fun in your life and enjoy your business again

The Healthy & Wealthy Women Entrepreneurs is a closed Facebook group for you to stop feeling like you're alone, to help you understand the useful from the confusing, and to provide you with inspiration, guidance and support in both your business and health so that you can feel happier and live a healthier lifestyle without the stress.


I am going to focus on my self-care and self- healing using the steps Simone gave me so I can find my glow again.

During our 90 minute session together, Simone helped to guide me step-by-step so I could more clearly see what my blocks, problems and emotional concerns were. One by one, I could feel the confusion, mood and heaviness I felt inside slowly lift. While I know that this one session would not completely fix me, I knew that I was making progress and I got the clarity that I wanted.

I now have a clear plan for managing the stress in my life, even with my stressful and challenging job. I know that this important for me to be able to lose the weight I want to lose. I am going to focus on my self-care and self- healing using the steps Simone gave me so I can find my glow again.

I highly recommend hiring Simone. She will help to guide you to feel and look inside yourself and really understand your issues so you can start to work on them with a clear plan in place for how to do that. Thank you Simone!

- Arnieta Monisha

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Healthy You, Wealthy Business 1:1



I help driven entrepreneurial women like you who are tired of the constant hustle of juggling life and business. My clients  come to me because they feel tired all the time, eat poorly, don’t have time to exercise anymore, and are unhappy with the way they look. They want to get back on track with their health without restrictive diets or impossible to keep fitness regimes while still having time and energy to grow a successful business. I help them regain their energy naturally, feel confident about their bodies, and create easy-to-stick-to self-care routines so that they can be on top of their game to grow their business and enjoy life to its fullest.

After completing your Healthy You, Wealthy Business Session, you’ll finally have a strategy for living your life with ease, grace and fun so you love your life and your business again.



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