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Why I love Young Living essential oils


My love for essential oils began back in 2014 when I felt the call to explore aromatherapy as a natural alternative to some health concerns...

Before I knew it, I was signed up as a Young Living member, and I started using my Premium Starter Kit every day.

A drop of lemon in my morning water, peppermint in my tea, diffusing Thieves to cleanse my space, Joy to bring happiness to my day, Stress Away because it smelts so damn good and helped to keep me calm and grounded, drops of Frankinsence in my skin care products to brighten my skin; and then I discovered that these precious oils could be helpful remedies for an array of health concerns, from cuts and bruises, to headaches and tummy discomfort (to name but a few!)

It didn't take long before I was hooked, and was ordering oils every month (and enjoying free ones using my membership points too!)

These potent drops of Mother Nature's goodness really are like a miracle, building our immune systems naturally, providing natural skin care options, as well as helping to detoxify our home.


How to order Young Living essential oils

The VERY best way to order these oils (and the only way I recommend people to do it) is to become a member so you can get WHOLESALE prices.

 Why become a Young Living member?

  • You’ll get 25% off retail prices 

  • It’s like being a Costco member – you get the oils at wholesale prices

  • You’ll get free oils by accumulating points with every purchase (who doesn't love FREE?!)

  • You DON’T need to order every month… (although if you're like me you will be quickly addicted and will want to keep your supplies on-hand for any situation that might arise!)

  • It’s more cost-effective to buy as a member even if you only buy two oils a year!

Basically, it’s the only way I recommend people order these oils because it’s a much better deal for you.

I always recommend that new users of essential oils get going with a Premium Starter Kit.

The Premium Stater Kit includes:

1) Everyday Oil Collection

  • 10 essential oils @ 5ml - Lavender, Peppermint, Lemon, Frankincense, Copaiba, Thieves, Purification, Panaway, RC, DiGize

2) Home Diffuser

  • Dewdrop diffuser (You may upgrade to Dessert Mist Diffuser or Aria Diffuser)

3) Basic Starter Kit

  • StressAway 5ml

  • 10 essential oil sample packs

  • 2 Ningxia Red sample packs

  • Catalogs & Young Living membership information

After becoming a member, you qualify to receive a free gift each month by ordering a minimum of 100PV (approximately USD $100) of Young Living products. However, there is no obligation to purchase (you only need to make one more purchase within 12 months to keep your membership active).

The Young Living Indonesia Premium Starter Kit

The Young Living Indonesia Premium Starter Kit

The Registration & Ordering Process

To order this Premium Starter Kit please follow the steps below exactly (it can be a bit confusing, so just follow these steps!). You'll be ordering directly from Young Living Indonesia and registered as a Young Living Wholesale Member without any additional charges:

  • ORDER NOW! Open this >> Young Living Official Sign-up Page

  • Select your Country & select default "Member" (DO NOT select "Retail Customer" as you can't purchase any Starter Kits and will not enjoy member discounts in the future.)

  • Use my Sponsor/Enroller ID as provided 1562421

  • Step 1: Choose Your Starter Kit & Diffuser

  • Step 2: Skip this step

  • Step 3: Add More Products or Next to continue enrollment

  • Fill in the Membership & Sign In Information, agree to the Terms

  • Fill in your Shipping Address and add in your Credit Card payment info.

  • Review your personal information and order information. Click Activate.

  • You’ll receive a confirmation email about your enrollment and Member ID. You can login to anytime to continue your order

  • You'll receive your Premium Starter Kit from the Young Living warehouse in Jakarta, Indonesia in around 3 working days. If you are ordering from a country outside of Indonesia, your order will be delivered to you from the warehouse of the country you live in.

Assistance & Support

  • When you sign-up with my Sponsor ID, I'll be able to assist you along the buying process, and support you with all the information you need to get started using your essential oils

  • Please Whatsapp Simone on  +62 8121205042 if you face any issue during the registration and order process or contact me here.

  • In future you may buy directly from Young Living Indonesia at You'll be buying at Young Living Wholesale Member Price and enjoy the monthly promotion gifts.

  • You may enroll in the Essential Rewards program (optional) from your account for greater savings. You may collect Reward Points (10-25%) and redeem Young Living products for free!

The Young Living Indonesia Essential Rewards program allows you to earn points towards free products when you make a minimum order of 100PV every month.

The Young Living Indonesia Essential Rewards program allows you to earn points towards free products when you make a minimum order of 100PV every month.