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You're smart, ambitious and successful. You know that you need self care, the ‘right’ good foods, soul sisters, regular exercise, fun and adventure, and positive, happy thoughts.

But, despite being successful in managing your business and career, when it comes to making the other things in your life a reality, all you feel is stuck, confused and overwhelmed.

When it comes to squeezing in time to go to the gym, plan and cook healthy meals or even find some me-time in front of Netflix or with a book, it never seems to happen.  Your busy lifestyle is taking it's toll- not just physically, but emotionally and mentally too.

You’ve never felt this weighed down by everything.

You know there must be a better way to manage your lifestyle so you eat better, quit eating junk food, and have some fun and pleasure without the guilt. You want nothing more than to feel the same freedom, confidence, and joy that you get from your work in the rest of your life too.

Let me introduce myself!

I’m Simone, a certified transformational nutrition and holistic health coach who loves helping woman like you to cut through the overwhelm, fear and uncertainty to find the sexy goddess underneath. I know there is a healthy, energised and happy woman in there and I want to to help you to find her again.


My journey

Once upon a time, I was you. I had no idea what proper care and nurturing looked or felt like, so I kept doing what I’d always done. Partying with my girlfriends was way better than being at home alone. I wanted to have fun and be happy, and hours in the gym and the kitchen did not sound like either, especially when I was so busy with other more important things to do.

I have always been ambitious and have always worked hard, and played harder. During uni in my late teens, I somehow held down two jobs while also studying full-time. The first job’s shift started at 4am and went until 9am, then I’d cycle to uni, and from there go to my second job at Pizza Hut where I’d work until midnight many nights. On the closing shift, I’d always end up winding down with the crew afterwards, which meant eating leftovers from the pizza warmer and drinking beers. Sometimes I would go home, get changed  and go straight to my morning job without any sleep.

I would keep myself from crashing and burning by drinking Coca Cola and eating vending machine snacks. I justified eating this way because I cycled everywhere, which in my mind made me healthy. I didn't see anythign wrong with this unbalanced, fast-paced lifestyle I was leading.

When I had assignments due, or exams to prepare for, I’d pull all-nighters, fueling myself with coffee,candy and leftover pizzas I’d bring home from work.

To say I didn’t care for or nurture myself is an understatement.

The party girl, can-do-it-all persona

But I got through it, actually thinking it was all pretty normal. After graduating from uni and having my 21st birthday, I took off overseas in what began a long working adventure abroad. Party-girl Simone continued to play- this time in London, in nightclubs where I'd spend entire weekends dancing, drinking and taking recreational drugs to keep me going.

My diet literally consisted of yoghurt, Kit-Kat Chunky, bananas, Ben & Jerry’s Fish Food ice cream (which I'd have to hide behind the frozen peas so my flatmates couldn't find it!) and whatever food my housemates made and shared.

My journal entries from this time in my life almost always noted how exhausted I always felt, but how much  fun I was having with my new friends and how much freedom I had. I was wild and reckless and having the time of my life. I believed I was living the dream- working overseas, travelling to Europe on weekends when I knew I needed to escape the London craziness, and living it up big-time. I felt like I belonged and that my life was full. Which in some ways, it was, if full means filling every moment of the day with th things to do and people to see. It was my emotional, mental and spiritual cups that were left forgotten and empty.

I guess I knew, deep down, that something was broken, that living this fast-paced life was not respectful or loving to myself, and when a dear friend passed away it hit me that something had to stop or the next person to die could be me.

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It was time for a change

When I really took a look a look at my life, I realised I didn’t like, let alone love, myself. Despite the happy exterior, I had no self-respect and my self-esteem was almost non-existent. I was feeding my feelings with booze and junk food and punishing myself with a crazy busy lifestyle for good measure.

I left the UK party scene and had an amazing few months travelling through Africa which gave me perspective and helped me to start healing. I headed back to Australia and decided to study for my Masters.

But this was not a great time in my life. I fell into a depression that that felt like the worst thing at the time, but which ended up being the best thing for me.

The counsellor at uni encouraged me to start eating better, to stop drinking, and to try meditation and yoga as a way to slooooow down. I’d dabbled in yoga before, and I agreed it could be good for me to try again to get through this rough period.  I joined a yoga studio with an all-access pass, and went twice a day to different classes. I didn't stop drinking altogether, but I certainly cut back my boozing, and learnt to make food that was more nourishing than ramen noodles from a packet.

I was dating a few guys at this time but I didn't feel confident committing. I didn't feel deserving or good enough and I still felt unstable and unhappy with how I looked.

Then I met a guy who made me feel happy and we fell in love quickly. These early days in our relationship were good times, but I developed a dependency on his love to feel love for myself. When things with us were good, I'd exercise, eat well and be so happy; when they were bad I'd turn to my old friends chocolate and wine and busy-ness -- and nourishing myself would go out the window.

Back off the wagon

We decided to travel together and ended up living and working in Hanoi, Vietnam. We had a great time there, living it up and parting heaps because the booze was cheap and the expat lifestyle was social and fun.

We ate take out most nights or went out, drank and would forget to even eat a proper meal. I'd have my wretched hangovers- often. But it was all in the name of fun and I always got through Sunday ready to work again on Monday.

Then he cheated on me. With one of my besties.

The darkest of days

To say I was devastated was an understatement. And so began the cycle of booze and busy-ness and eating badly as a way to hide my pain.

This was my lowest point- I was 15kg overweight, unfit, unhealthy and very unhappy.

So I ran away, escaped. My mind, body and soul needed healing and nurturing, and I couldn’t do that where I was.

Another new beginning

I moved to Jakarta, a city of 18 million people, not one soul who I knew (talk about taking myself out of my comfort zone and jumping into the deep end!). But this was the kind of shake-up that I needed.

It wasn’t immediate, but within 6 months of my arrival, I made a few realisations:

  1. My identity as a party girl who worked hard and partied harder wasn’t really me and who I wanted to be anymore

  2. Being happy has nothing to do with how much I weigh, how I look or how much I could party, but much more about doing things that light me up

  3. Having amazing support mechanisms in place to help me to change makes blossoming into a better version of me really fun- more fun than punishing myself ever was!

  4. When I feel happy inside, the rest of my life falls into place in a healthy and positive way


The new me

With these inspired thoughts, I took action and turned my life upside down. I became obsessed with health and well-being and as I learned and implemented the new amazing information I started to change my lifestyle.  I soon found myself in the kitchen obsessed with healthy eating cookbooks, and exercising consistently but sensibly. I stopped drinking every night and rediscovered the others salves for my soul that included regular meditation and yoga.

The best thing is that none of these big changes felt difficult- it was actually a lot of fun!

I also became passionate about raw foods and the benefits of following a plant-based diet, which led me to become a raw and living foods chef. I continued to lose weight (at a sensible rate) without too much effort, practice regular self-care, and my self-esteem soared.

I renewed my interests in travelling, scuba diving, photography and found joy in these hobbies that light me up when I pursue them. This is still rated as one of the best years of my life.

My business was born

As I continued to explore nutrition, and the role food, relationships, career, spirituality and movement can play in our lives, I was led to study first at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, so that I could become a holistic health coach to help other people who were like me to heal their own insecurities and issues with self-love, emotional eating and stress management.

I then continued my explorations and completed a certification with the Institute for Transformational Nutrition. This course cemented the concept that health and well-being is not just about what you eat but about the nourishment you get from the relationships you nurture, the hobbies and interests you pursue, your success in your career and work, the way you look after yourself even in times of stress, and the spiritual elements of your life that you enjoy…and that the food you eat is really secondary.

Helping people understand that mind, body and spirit have to be aligned in order to have optimal health was now my life purpose.

Where am I today?

Living a life in which I’m nourishing my soul foods as top priority looks nothing like the me of old. The more women who I work with uncovering their hidden goddess, the more I realise I’m using my own life purpose to help women like you to change your life for the better so you too can live your best possible life.

It's literally been years since I was hungover, and drinking alcohol these days is set aside for special occasions and in total moderation. I love spending time in my kitchen making healthy, plant-based snacks for me and my family to enjoy- gluten free muffins, bliss balls, and smoothie bowls can usually be found in the fridge. When I do indulge in not-so-healthy food, it is a conscious choice that comes from a place of happiness or celebration, not discomfort or fear or because I'm too busy to care.

It's rare these days that I feel guilty or angry or filling my life with busy-ness as a way to find happiness.

I’ve learned the importance of rewiring the old patterns of masculine energy management - overachieving, competition, always pushing and striving- into more feminine energy management which entails cyclical living, connection, intuition, asking for and giving support, and making self-care sacred.

Now, my relaxation and me-time (which actually happens regularly!) is filled by yoga, meditation, reading, or doing an online course learning something new that I'm passionate about. I also love adult colouring books, crystals, oracle cards, Young Living essential oils, practicing energy work (Reiki), studying all things astrology and really exploring my inner hippy. I value quality time with my husband and son, and love and respect having quality catch ups with the friends who truly love me for who I am.

I’m not perfect and still need to “do the work” to be able to walk my talk. Shortly after having my son, I relapsed into the world of non-stop go, go ,go and pushed my body to its limits. I ended up with adrenal fatigue- I was burnout from working, commuting, building a business, and raising my son in a megatropolis and thinking like I had to do it all on my own.

The blessing that came from this, was a reminder that self-care is sacred and must be a priority. Once I recovered from my burnout I made the decision to never allow myself to go there again. I now practice sacred self-care daily with rituals and routines that I have established to support me mentally, emotionally and physically.

As I have deepened my learnings in astrology and the lunar cycles and learnt how to to work with the natural cycles and rhythms, I have tapped into a way to be unstoppable- without the overwhelm and exhaustion.

Most days now, I feel confident and good about where I am in my life and I have the tools to help me when I don't so that I'm never down for too long. Gone are the days of abusing my body, eating crappy food to stop feeling sad or lonely or bored and hiding behind a party girl persona that was easier than dealing with the real me.

I’m passionately committed to helping women like you get on the road to happiness and good health by taking control of their lives and healing, mind, body and spirit. I want you to see how awesome you really are- in your mind and in the mirror.

So let’s get started!

I would love to send you weekly tips and motivation so you can get on the road to happiness and harmony. Click this link and share your name and email so I can be sure to get these weekly inspiration hits to you, and also get your copy of my free e-book "The Driven Woman's Guide to More Energy and Better Work-Life Balance”.

In light,


P.S. If you’re interested in having personalised support for living a healthy and balanced life, check out my coaching programs here. I’m so excited to help you be unstoppable!

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Fun Stuff About Me

  • I’m an Aquarius Sun, Taurus Rising and Libra Moon

  • In Enneagram I am Type 7, and in Myers-Briggs I am an ESFJ

  • I have been an expat half my life

  • I am an extrovert, but I’m also an empath (so alone time is very important to me!)

  • I have two rescued Jakartan street cats who have lived in Jakarta about as long as me

  • I have travelled around the world twice but still not visited South or Central America

  • I have an Australian passport but can also qualify for a British and USA passport too

  • I’ve attempted to learn many languages over the years, but Indonesian is the only one in which I am fluent

Official Credentials and Certifications

Bachelor of Arts (Journalism) | 1998 | Queensland University of Technology, Australia

Master of Education (TESOL) | 2005 | Queensland University of Technology, Australia

Certificate as Holistic Health Coach | 2012 | Institute for Integrative Nutrition, USA

Certificate as Raw Food Chef |2012| Uncooking School, USA

Certificate as Transformational Nutrition Coach | 2015 | Institute of Transformational Nutrition, USA


Certification as Health Coach by American Association of Drugless Practitioners |2012|

Certificate of Completion: Holistic Nutrition Lab: Digestive Intensive |2013|

Certificate in Nutrition for Disease Control and Health Prevention |2013|

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