Find out whether you life is currently balanced between the areas that mean the most to you.

How good are you at balancing the various aspects of your life? This quiz will take a look at how you find balance between your work and business, family, friends, activities, exercise and time alone. It takes into account the right balance for YOU at this point in time. The score will give you an indication of how well you have currently achieved the balance that is right for you.

Please answer each question and select the answer that best represents your feelings, thoughts and behaviours regarding your desirable balance. Choose how true each statement is for you at this moment.


By taking this quiz, you will…



What your approach to your work and life says about you, how well you have achieved balance, and what is important to you right now at this point in time.



Your personality type and how to use it to your advantage as well as know your values and priorities so you can allocate your time to those areas even when it’s limited.



How to take action and make improvements moving forward to avoid burnout while still working on your goals that are important to you.