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Presenting the Burnout Breakthrough: Clarity Session

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Dive deep into the areas of your life that are holding you back and keeping you in overwhelm, stress and resistance and making it difficult for you to move forward. We will connect into your health, wellness, relationships, creativity, feminine cycles and spiritual practice so you can get clarity.

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A sacred coaching immersion where we will reflect on what’s going on for you now. With my support and guidance using meditation, oracle cards, and lunar cycle awareness you will set clear intentions for how you want your life to be and create an actionable step-by-step plan for your self-care that is aligned with your needs and goals.

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Clear, light, aligned, positive, focussed, inspired and confident with knowing how to bring more balance and harmony into your life.

This session is perfect if you’re stuck on:

  • How to make more “me-time” a priority

  • How to harness the natural feminine cycles to your best advantage

  • How to develop a morning and evening routine that nourishes you

  • How to set clear boundaries with your work and your loved ones

  • How to create a schedule that you love and can stick to

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If you want to make sacred self-care and the practice of rituals part of your life in a way that is easy and fun, then I am here to coach you!



You will complete an illuminating pre-session questionnaire that will bring clarity and understanding to both you and I so we are clear on what we will work on together when we meet.

I will also provide you pre-session information on how to create a sacred space for us to be in for when we meet online.


We will connect via a video Zoom call at the scheduled time. I will use oracle cards, meditation and breathing exercises to create a nourishing safe space for you to drop into so you can get better clarity. You will tell me about your current situation and where you are feeling stuck.

Then we will dive deep into your three biggest issues, and I will use the coaching tools I feel intuitively called to use to help you get to the heart of what is happening and where you feel stuck, overwhelmed and resistance.

We will then make a step-by-step plan for you to be able to implement so you can start making self-care a part of your life.

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I will provide you with a comprehensive set of notes on what we discussed as well as any additional resources (worksheets or guides) that I think will be useful for you. I can also send you an optional recording of the session.

To hold you accountable and to check in with how you’re progressing, I will check in with you via email for 5 days after our session together to smooth out any bumps, keep you motivated to stay focussed on your new sacred plan and to give you a pep-talk if your inner critic starts chiming in!


Meet Simone

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I’m Simone, a certified transformational nutrition and holistic health coach who loves helping woman like you to cut through the overwhelm, fear and uncertainty to become an unstoppable woman. I know that you can be a healthy, energised and happy woman and I want to to help you to find her again.

Living a life in which I’m nourishing my soul foods is top priority to me. The more women who I work with in uncovering their hidden goddess, the more I realise I’m using my own life purpose to help women like you to change your life for the better so you too can live your best possible life.

I’ve learned the importance of rewiring the old patterns of masculine energy management - overachieving, competition, always pushing and striving- into more feminine energy management which entails cyclical living, connection, intuition, asking for and giving support, and making self-care sacred.

As I have deepened my learnings in astrology and the lunar cycles and learnt how to to work with the natural cycles and rhythms, I have tapped into a way to be unstoppable- without the overwhelm and exhaustion. I love nothing more than helping other women to achieve this too.

My coaching style is practical, warm and encouraging. I’m an open, optimistic and sensitive person who will help you to unleash the unstoppable woman that lies within you.



Ambitious entrepreneurial women who…

…. are tired from trying to juggle it all and want to make lifestyle upgrades to overcome stress and enjoy a more focused, productive, happy, and fulfilling life.

… are feeling stuck and overwhelmed and want to take back control over their energy and emotions, tap into an endless supply of creativity, break through into a new level of productivity and experience more satisfaction.

…. want to get more clarity and to push through any resistance in making changes to move forward while remaining confident and at peace.

…. have an open mind about trying a few woo-woo approaches as well as practical guidance grounded in the 8 self-care pillars that can unlock many benefits in every aspect of their life.

…. want to get to know what it’s like to work with me 1:1.

… are ready for advice, feedback and support to change their lifestyle so they can experience more energy and alignment.



AUD $147 (one-off payment)

60 minutes

Includes: Pre-Session Questionnaire, Post-Session Follow-Up with notes, materials and recording (if desired)


Email me at and I will get back to you as soon as I can, or click the Contact Me Live Chat box on the bottom left of the screen.

Let’s deep dive into your life and get you the clarity you need to beat burnout forever!

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Secure your session now- these are limited in my calendar to just 5 each month.