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From Overwhelmed to Unstoppable

1:1 Private Coaching

Create better work-life while building a healthy lifestyle without the stress and overwhelm so you can be Unstoppable!


You’re sitting at your desk with a bazillion tabs open in your web browser, it's 3pm already, and you've just realised that you somehow skipped lunch again. Your body feels stiff- you haven't managed to get to the gym or your favourite yoga class in weeks. It's time to decide what to make for dinner...but you have zero inspiration.

When you look at your mounting to-do list and desk cluttered with empty coffee mugs, piles of papers and files and other mess you're embarrassed to look at, your stomach ties up in knots and your shoulders stiffen even more, and all you can think about is devouring a few pieces of chocolate (who are we kidding...the whole block!).

You’re stressed to the max with all the work you need to do to bring some much-needed money in, then the anxiety creeps in, and to make up for the missed lunch you start digging into a packet of chips. They're carbs- so they count as a food group, right?

You’re at a low-point in your life- even though from the outside it looks like you're living the dream. You are after all, running your online business, working from home as your own boss every day, and doing what you love. But the reasons you started your business are far in the background. All you can think about is how gross you feel in your body, and how your self-esteem is at an all-time low- meaning you're too scared to jump on Insta Stories let alone film a YouTube video even though you know this is going to help grow your business and build your following.  It’s been weeks since you left the house and went out with your friends and had a good old laugh- this solopreneur business is lonely work.

You're ready for something to change. You’re ready to feel lighter and free, and thrive in your life and business again.

healthy you, wealthy business

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • You’re sick of being overwhelmed by your to-do list and eating junk food as a defualt every time you’re stressed, anxious, lonely or unhappy and totally eating your heart out.

  • You feel zapped of energy and drained of any creativity needed to make decisions in both your work and your life, so changes (even small ones) feel impossible.

  • You want to feel happier and more confident about yourself and your business but you don’t like the way you look, the way you feel or the unfulfilling direction your business is taking right now.

  • You know how to be healthy but can’t seem to stop yourself from reaching for food that only makes you feel crappy and guilty afterwards.

  • Being motivated to make the meal plans, and to follow through so that you eat well just seems like yet another thing you have to do- so you never do it, and end up ordering Uber Eats every day.

Guess what? It is possible to love your life and your business again!

Imagine being able to let go of the stress and anxiety and start living the life you imagined when you first started your business, a life where...

  • You design your schedule so that it works for you. Say goodbye to overwhelm and unending to-do lists. Say hello to home cooked meals and time to chill with your family.

  • You have time for YOU and your self-care. A massage, a good book, a walk outside… it’s the simple things that make you happy and help you to be creative and inspired to put your work out into the world.

  • You have the energy and inspiration to work on your business so that it is making a difference in the world, and you have the financial freedom to freaking relax a little bit.

  • You feel great in your body and finally have the confidence to put yourself out there and to build your tribe.

Sounds fantastic, right? It IS possible! You CAN stop working so hard and get back to the important stuff: the business of living your life.

Here’s where I come in!

I help busy entrepreneurial women like you who are tired of struggling with their eating habits and unhealthy lifestyle to transform their health, put an end to the fear and uncertainty and to find the sexy goddess underneath. I know there is a healthy, energised woman in there and I want to help you to find her.

Together we can put an end to the negative cycle of busy-ness and unhealthy habits and create a life where there is flow, ease and abundance in all areas of your life so you can feel on top of your game in both business and life. It's time for the smart, soulful woman that you are to be able to enjoy freedom, self-care and to be able to show up as the amazing woman you are meant to be. 

After completing your 3-month program, you’ll finally have the confidence to feel good in your body and be in love with your life and business again.

healthy you wealthy business coaching

As a result of this powerful coaching program, you will:

  • No longer feel like all you do is work and will instead be inspired to carve out the time to practice sacred self-care and do things that are fun like an adult colouring book, gossiping with your bestie or soaking in the tub

  • Be inspired to start meal prepping and making healthy meals and snacks that make you feel good on the inside and out

  • Stop feeling stressed, bored, sad or down every day and instead have the motivation to tackle your work with grace, ease and to find your flow

  • Be excited about getting up in the morning and tackling your to-dos, knowing your day will be productive and fulfilling.

  • Feel lighter, more energised and ready to take control of your habits in the same way you manage your social media calendar- with efficiency and ease.

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It IS possible to shift your mindset and to make the right choices needed to live a sustainable, healthy lifestyle.

The From Overwhelmed to Unstoppable 3-month 1:1 program includes:


In-Depth Health Assessment

This in-depth health assessment will help us to identify the root cause for your health concerns and start to connect with the main areas that we can address in our sessions together. This process alone can trigger some a-HA moments!


Food and Lifestyle Diary Illumination Tool

For at least 3 days you will use this interactive PDF to provide an insight into your eating  and lifestyle patterns. By using this tool, you’ll start to realise what it is you’re actually eating (or not!) and it will open your eyes to why you’re feeling the way you do about yourself.  You’ll become more mindful about what and how you eat and start to slow down. This will help to jumpstart what we will work on in our sessions together.


12 x 45-Minute 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions

In these sessions that will happen every week, we’ll develop your personalised success plan for overcoming your stress and overwhelm. We’ll go step by step to identify the areas where you’re struggling so that you can make the right food choices, live your best, healthiest life and get your mind and body back in tune. You’ll learn tips for how to eat properly so that food is both healthful and rewarding without bogging you down. You’ll also learn how to infuse more fun, passion and joy into your life. You'll start to change your thinking and better understand yourself, your motivations and your relationship with yourself and the world. We’ll bring you back to your authentic self, which at the core is healthy, vibrant and loved.



Personalised Worksheets + Guides + Gifts

After each coaching call you’ll receive a personalised selection of worksheets and guides from my coaching library based on what we discussed in our session (these may be around areas of nutrition, lifestyle, mindset, body or goals) that you can complete as your homework between sessions and which will support you in having a healthier body and positive mindset. Your personalised resources will include the tools and strategies we discussed to help you feel more in control and better understand the areas we are working on. By following these informational guides, you'll begin to make better eating decisions and follow better lifestyle practices right away. You can also expect to receive gifts in the mail, because I love finding special things for my clients to enjoy.


21-Day Transformational Nutrition Cleanse Re-Set

I will guide you through this step-by-step cleanse protocol that will reset your body so that you can enjoy increased energy, more confidence and transform the way you feel in your body without deprivation. This includes a full program guide, meal plan and recipes that you will follow with my support available every step of the way.


Between-Session support via email and/or WhatsApp

I know that questions can arise, you can hit roadblocks or you might just need a motivational pep talk. Nobody ever said that transformation was easy, but I want to make it as pain-less as possible. You will have access to me via email or WhatsApp to check in at any time between our 1:1 sessions.

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Are you ready to feel healthier and more confident so that you can start having a more fulfilling life and successful business?

Your Investment

AUD $1800 (pay-in-full)

AUD $700 per month (instalment plan)

To sign up:

  1. Click the LET’S CHAT button below and be taken to my online scheduler to schedule a complimentary, no-obligation call together so we can make sure that we are a good fit. I’m happy to help you decide if this is the right package for you.

  2. Call me on at your scheduled appointment time- we will meet via Zoom video call

  3. Get ready to love your life and the skin you’re in and to feel unstoppable

  4. Still have questions? Email me

If you’re ready to overcome the daily struggles and love yourself and your life more, let’s get started!


I am going to focus on my self-care and self- healing using the steps Simone gave me so I can find my glow again.

During our 90 minute session together, Simone helped to guide me step-by-step so I could more clearly see what my blocks, problems and emotional concerns were. One by one, I could feel the confusion, mood and heaviness I felt inside slowly lift. While I know that this one session would not completely fix me, I knew that I was making progress and I got the clarity that I wanted.

I now have a clear plan for managing the stress in my life, even with my stressful and challenging job. I know that this important for me to be able to lose the weight I want to lose. I am going to focus on my self-care and self- healing using the steps Simone gave me so I can find my glow again.

I highly recommend hiring Simone. She will help to guide you to feel and look inside yourself and really understand your issues so you can start to work on them with a clear plan in place for how to do that. Thank you Simone!

- Arnieta Monisha

Frequently Asked Questions

+How soon can I start after paying?

Once we decide that we will be a good fit and you want to work with me, we can usually start working together within a week. You will need to complete your health assessment and other intake forms before our first session.

+How many clients do you work with?

I can work with 5 clients on this 3-month package every month. I do sometimes have a waiting list.

+Can I really expect to feel different after 3 months?

Yes! This is a really powerful program that is geared towards transformation that will last. Clients have reported they feel energised, motivated and enthused after working with me.

+Is it possible to meet face-to-face?

At the moment, this package is only offered virutally online, via Zoom. This is a really convenient yet effective way for us to coach together from the comfort of your home and me in my home office (yay to no traffic jams!)

+How do I know if we are a right fit?

Fill in the form below to set up a complimentary, no-obligation 45 minute discovery call.

+When do I book our weekly sessions?

We will choose a day and time for our weekly sessions and these will be scheduled in advance. if you need to change a scheduled appointment these can be done 24 hours in advance.

Let’s chat!

Make an appointment to talk with me on Skype using my scheduler below: