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Do you want more freedom, confidence and happiness?

Learn how to reconnect with your mind and body to conquer your cravings once and for all!

Conquer Your Cravings 7 Day Challenge

What you'll get in this 7-Day e-course:

  • Daily motivational email lessons with simple actions to conquer your cravings once and for all

  • Access to all content in the private members area for the lifetime of the course

  • Worksheets and materials to support you in completing the daily lessons

  • Priority email coaching support where you can check in and I can give you a pep-talk and smooth out any challenges

Start feeling fantastic in your mind and body!

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This program was amazing- it helped me to beat my sugar cravings for good!
- Karen James

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In just 7-day, you will learn how to decode your cravings, uncover the areas of your life that you really need to be nourishing and really find a long-lasting cure for your cravings, no matter what it is you crave. This method works for curing sugar addiction, junk food and any habits that don’t serve you.

By following the simple steps you will receive every day to your inbox, you will re-ignite your passion and purpose for life, practice better self-care, enjoy more pleasure from your life that isn’t related to food or your cravings, enjoy healthier relationships and feel better in your mind, body and soul.

I can’t believe what a difference only 7 days has made to the way I feel!
- Mary J

What you get in the 7-day Conquer Your Cravings Challenge e-course

Conquer Your Cravings 7-Day e-course
  • 7 daily emails which will include simple, proven effective exercises to help you decode your cravings and cure them for good

    Worksheets to guide you through the daily lessons

  • Access to all the content in the private member’s area for the lifetime of the program

  • A fillable PDF workbook with all the content together for you to review at any time

  • Priority email coaching support so you can check in with me and I can give you a pep-talk and smooth out any challenges

Simone Samuels- Holistic Health &amp; Lifestyle Coach


I’m a health coach who works with driven entrepreneurial women who are exhausted from the constant hustle of juggling life and business.

My clients feel overwhelmed and have fallen off-track with their diet, exercise and self-care so they aren’t showing up fully for their family and in their work.

I help them to regain their energy naturally and create manageable and nourishing routines that give them confidence to make their work-life balance a priority so they can be unstoppable.

I can’t wait for you to join me in conquering your cravings once and for all!

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Start feeling fantastic in your mind and body!