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The Unstoppable Woman Project


6 weeks to reclaiming your energy so you can kick butt and be unstoppable in your business and life!

Be transformed from feeling overwhelmed and burnt-out to being inspired, passionate and radiant in all that you do!

Being a successful entrepreneur while also managing your personal life has taken its toll- not just mentally, and emotionally, but physically too….

You have taken-on so many things that there’s too much on your plate….

Most days rush by in a blur of client calls and social media and managing your team behind the scenes….

Finding the time to make a healthy lunch and think about what to have for dinner seems impossible and you can’t remember when you last attempted making a nutritious meal in the kitchen….

You’re tired-  every day- and stressed, with too much on your to-do list to be able to rest and relax….

Your relationship with your significant other is practically non-existent, and quality time with your kids is a rarity…

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You wonder…. how can you be so successful in your work but such a failure when it comes to looking after YOU?

There has to be a better way.

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Thank goodness I’m here to step in and help you to take control of the things that matter more than success in your business- you and your lifestyle.

I’m Simone, a certified transformational nutrition coach with qualifications from IIN and ITN, who loves helping busy entrepreneurial working woman to transform their health, put an end to the fear and uncertainty and to find the sexy goddess underneath. I know there is a healthy, energised woman in there and I want to help you to find her.

Together we can put an end to the negative cycle of busy-ness and unhealthy habits and create a life where there is flow, ease and abundance in all areas of your life.


How do I know that I can help? Because I was once just like you.

A few years ago, I attempted all the diets from Juice cleanses, to The Whole 40, and Keto in an attempt to try and regain control and make things different.

I’d always fail, and would return to chugging Coca-Cola between my meetings and calls- or simply missing meals altogether. 

Coffee became my crutch and the more my anxiety levels rose, the less quality sleep I’d have and the more coffee I needed to get through the day.

I remember eating every lunch at my desk, and scoffing it so quickly that I could barely remember what I’d just eaten. I’d feel so unsatisfied that I’d be sneaking junk foods from my desk drawer to secretly munch just to get me through the afternoon.

There were long stretches between socialising because I was too tired to meet up with my girlfriends and to let my hair down.

My body was stiff and sore and my soul ached for more but I was too busy, too stressed, too maxed-out to figure out how to make the time for myself that I needed to focus on my health, diet and lifestyle.

I will never forget sitting in a state of despair barely getting through each day at a time and realising that the days had become weeks, and the weeks had become months, and that this way of living had become my actual LIFE! This was NOT how I wanted my life to be.

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I now know that living a healthy lifestyle while running a successful business doesn't need to be that hard.

Let me show you how to plan your days the same way you plan your social media content calendar, so that…

  • You feel energised enough to tackle the day and still have enough leftover at the end of it to play with you kids and have a romantic dinner date

  • You have the foresight to prepare your lunch the day before, batch cook dinners on the weekends and be prepared with nourishing snacks to grab as you work throughout the day.

  • You feel in control around food so you know how to make healthy choices that nourish you and don’t deplete you.

  • You can wind down at night rather than lie awake thinking about your to-do list and unable to switch off after yet another day of go, go, go.

  • You have the time to move your body and get active so your aches and pains are lessened.

  • You have more joy and pleasure, to know how to relax and remember how to laugh again.

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The Unstoppable Woman Project

I’ve created this transformational 6-week program to guide and support busy women like who are ready to cut through the confusion and to stop sacrificing your health and happiness for the sake of your busy to-do list.

I want to see you create your ideal life and to feel empowered- from your food choices to your lifestyle practices- and to help you to reignite your spark, feel confident in your body, have more boundless energy to get through the day, and make a life that you love living again.

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The Unstoppable Woman Project will help you to:

  • Create a lifestyle that is better for your body, your mind and your soul so that you can realise the everyday pressure you experience is manageable after all

  • End the exhaustion and overwhelm and have sustainable energy for your business and your family so you can be the best version of yourself again to do what you love and for those who you love

  • Put an end to the afternoon slump, the early evening crash and the long-term burnout so you can get through the day without a caffeine rush or sugar high to boost your energy (and wine to wind down at night)

  • Stop running on pure adrenaline and start to enjoy better quality sleep so you wake up energised and well rested- not tired and groggy despite clocking 8 hours of sleep

  • Figure out what to cook for you and your family and put an end to making food choices based on ease and convenience that only leave you feeling sluggish, gross or guilty and get you excited to be back in the kitchen

  • Make your well-being a priority again. Change your mindset, shift old habits and take on a whole new perspective where you respect your body, appreciate food and enjoy eating without the stress and guilt

  Join The Unstoppable Woman Project now!

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6-Week Program

Home-Study Option

AUD $397

6 Week Program

Home-Study with 6 x 1:1 support calls

AUD $697


Not sure if this is right for you? Schedule a free discovery call with me by clicking the button below.


Let me ask: How would it feel to wake up energised every day?

Would you like to have a life where you feel happy and full with less stress and chaos? Do you want to learn how to change your eating habits and your lifestyle in a way that can have a significant impact on not only your weight, but your emotional and mental health and overall well-being?

The Unstoppable Woman Project will help to do all this. In just 6 weeks you can make some profound changes to your life.

This program is based on three essential principles:



By keeping these three principles as the focus, I’ve developed a whole-body-mind program that takes you on a journey into intuitive eating and mindfulness, self-care and a complete reset of your body, mind and soul health.

Eating the right foods and practicing proper self-care are the keys to waking up your entire life so that you can finally feel lighter, show up freely, be more energised and confident and have the creativity, focus and belief in yourself to move worlds with your regained zest and spark for life.

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When you sign up for this 6-week program, you get:


6 weekly info-packed PDF booklets

Every week, you’ll get one of my signature booklets packed with information and tips to help you get the most out of each week and to start taking the steps to reset your life.

Each PDF booklet gives day-by-day information and playwork lessons, making it easy for you to NOT get overwhelmed by the changes you’re going to make in body, mind, and spirit. I don’t want to add more stress to your life, so I’ve made the tools as easy as possible for you to read, follow and implement.

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A calendar for the 6 weeks of the program

This quick-reference calendar will help to keep you on schedule so you can get more easily get the results you desire.


Personal Food Diary

This tool is the first step to mindful eating, and a key component of long-term success for anyone looking to change their eating habits and lifestyle without the diet drama. Learning how to eat for your body for maximum energy is the key to being Unstoppable.

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A Full Recipe Guide

Put an end to the guesswork and take control again with these delicious plant-based recipes all tried and tested. In this program you will learn the importance of eating nourishing food for maximum energy and will be taught how to make meal planning and food preparation easy and fun with this guide being the foundation for your success.


Suggested Shopping Lists

Eating healthy is hard if you don’t know where to shop and what to buy. Save your energy and mental power for your work and use these lists to stay on track at the grocery store and in the kitchen. There will be no more wasted food, and no more wondering what to make with these lists to refer to.

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A Private, Unstoppable Woman Project Facebook Community, for 24/7 Support

This group is only for you and fellow UWP members. Interact and be guided and supported by me every step of the way- community is everything when it comes to making dramatic change that stick.



Weekly Live Q&A (Live Rounds Only)

In the middle of each week we will connect live so that I can coach you through any obstacles that you might experience and to provide support and guidance and answer any questions you have about any of the lessons you’re working through.

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The best thing is, I've made this program super affordable.


The Unstoppable Woman Project costs a fraction of what you would pay to work with a personal nutrition consultant, health and wellness coach, and time with a behavioural change expert one-on-one.

In this program you get all the materials and resources plus the community and my full support with a proven, expertly designed, step-by-step health transformation at a very special price (in the hundreds, and not thousands of dollars, that you might expect!)

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Imagine having all of this for around $7 a day! That’s less than what you’d pay for a grande coffee at Starbucks(which you won't need any more with the endless energy you'll have each day!)
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What We’ll Cover in the Program


+ Mindful Cleansing >>

We will start by focusing on clearing out old patterns and creating new life-changing habits to transform and reset your life from the ground up. By the end of the first week you will have less stress, more joy and be thinking in a positive way, setting you up for success in the following weeks.

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+ Wholesome Body >>

Next up we'll cover the core foundation of resetting your body by fueling it with the proper nutrition so you'll have energy to burn and will know how to nourish your body without guilt when it comes to food. You will also know how to enhance your body's innate abiilities and embrace your body, and be able to tap into your intuition with more ease.

Mindful Body

+ Soul Food Nourishment >>

In this stage of the program we take soul-healing to a whole new, deeper level by focussing on ways that you can nourish your Soul Foods every day so you can feel completely renewed in all aspects of your life. By the end of the program, you will find yourself living with more passion and know how to include more pleasure and fun for overall well-being.

Soul Food Nourishment
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To provide you with extra support during the program (and beyond) I’m going to throw in a digital copy of my book The Extreme Self-Care Toolkit (valued at $35).

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Join The Unstoppable Woman Project now!

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Unstoppable Woman Project

6 Weeks Program

Home Study Option

AUD $397

Unstoppable Woman Project

6 Weeks Program

Home Study with 6 x 1:1 support calls

AUD $697


Not sure if this is the right program for you? Let’s chat! Click the button below to set up your free discovery call.

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I’m also going to share these bonus PDF booklets for further guidance as you go through the program:


○     5 Helpful Things You Can Do to Cleanse Your Mind: Cleanse your mind along with your body.

○    Your Monthly Go-To Affirmations Guide: Affirmations are everything! Affirm with positive juju and get happy!

○    7 Yummy Snacks that Pack an Energizing Punch: Get healthy and increase your energy with these delicious treats.

○    Three Simple At-Home Exercises to Calm Your Body: Zen, Zen, and more Zen! From the comfort of your home, you’ll learn how to activate the calm mode.

○    Your Healthy Gratitude Attitude Journal: Happiness begins with being grateful, learn how to be thankful and journal daily.

○    10 Soulful Activities to Bring You Joy: Nourish the soul as much as the body and increase your joy.

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A PDF of e-book: Plan.Achieve.Grow – The ultimate workbook to plan your year for consistent traction without the burnout

Value: $37

This workbook  by Denise da Costa is the perfect combination between planning and mindset. It’s designed to help you take action like never before, create an impact, and grow your business without sacrificing your health.

In this workbook you’ll get the step-by-step process and templates to:

  • Set goals for your business the smart way. Learn how to align your goals with what you REALLY want rather than what you “should” do based on external inputs. This is the secret to achieve all your goals with flow, ease and fun.

  • Set your mindset to achieve those goals. You’ll beat procrastination and perfectionism and start moving towards your goals.

  • Manage your time to become productive not busy. It’s all about working smarter not harder. You’ll get all things done and still have time for you and your family.

  • Plan your content for the year, quarter by quarter. No more breaking your head thinking about what to post, what services to create, etc. You’ll have all your year planned out which means you’ll hit your income goals faster.

About Denise Da Costa

Denise Da Costa is a business coach passionate about helping women entrepreneurs become wildly successful doing work they love.

She works with women entrepreneurs who are determined to grow their businesses but are feeling stuck. They’ve implemented many strategies yet they aren’t getting the results they want. She helps them re-structure their business with a clear message, irresistible offers, and a solid plan. So they can get consistent traction, book more clients, and experience the success they deserve.


Let me ask you…..


Join the Unstoppable Woman Project now and

make this year the one that you are


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I am going to focus on my self-care and self- healing using the steps Simone gave me so I can find my glow again.

During our 90 minute session together, Simone helped to guide me step-by-step so I could more clearly see what my blocks, problems and emotional concerns were. One by one, I could feel the confusion, mood and heaviness I felt inside slowly lift. While I know that this one session would not completely fix me, I knew that I was making progress and I got the clarity that I wanted.

I now have a clear plan for managing the stress in my life, even with my stressful and challenging job. I know that this important for me to be able to lose the weight I want to lose. I am going to focus on my self-care and self- healing using the steps Simone gave me so I can find my glow again.

I highly recommend hiring Simone. She will help to guide you to feel and look inside yourself and really understand your issues so you can start to work on them with a clear plan in place for how to do that. Thank you Simone!

- Arnieta Monisha


Frequently Asked Questions

+ When does the program start?

You will receive your first welcome email as soon as you sign up. Once you join you will receive a welcome email with a link for access to the private membersite and closed Facebook group that you can participate in right away. You will receive emails each week with the weekly module materials. There will be an initial Week 0 so you can prepare to start the following week. You will have lifetime access to all the materials so you may work at your own pace.

+ How much time will this take me each week?

I know you're super busy and that’s why this program features bite-sized, daily snippets of information delivered to your email via a PDF workbook that you can quickly download and read. Even if you are busy juggling work or your business, children and family commitments, the program has been designed to be an easy to fit into your life. I certainly don't want to add to your stress and overwhelm- quite the opposite! You may work at your own pace and will have lifestime access to all the content so there is no falling behind.

+ I've tried other online challenges and programs before and they didn't work. What makes this one different?

The Unstoppable Woman Project has been established for women who truly want to lead their most fabulous, healthy and fulfilling life. To do this, you understand that you need to invest in yourself and take action but you also need the support around you to keep moving forward. This is how UWP is different from most other online health or weight loss programs where you sign up and are then left to struggle by yourself. This takes a holistic and long-lasting approach to health. I want to see you flourish into your most fabulous self and for that to continue beyond the length of this program.

+ How can I pay for the program?

Credit card via Stripe is the method of processing payments. Contact me if you want to know about instalment plan options. When you join you will be taken to the payment processor to complete your registration. You will then have lifestime access to the membership portal. The program is priced in AUD. Go to to calculate your currency conversion. Contact me if you have any payment concerns.

+ I have a special medical concern. Can I still participate?

Yes, you certainly can join us but please be aware that you should always consult with your doctor before making any dietary or exercise changes if you have a medical condition. This program is not a diet program and you won't be told to eat in a particular way with strict rules. You will learn to have a new relationship with food and your body, ultimately creating a new healthy lifestyle to last a lifetime. As a health coach I cannot diagnose any illnesses but I can provide you with support if you have an existing diagnosis.

+ How much personalised time will I get with Simone? Can I do this with a friend or family member?

I will be in the private Facebook group regularly and will be available in there to answer questions. This is a home-study program- if you want to have 1:1 calls with me and to have email support to answer questions, then choose the 1:1 support option so we can work together privately as you go through the home study materials. If you want to do this program with a friend or family member, they are welcome to join but they should also pay and register to participate.


Still have questions? Let’s chat! Book your free discovery call below.






Are you ready to be an Unstoppable Woman?

You deserve this lady! It's time to live with energy and zest for life!

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