Intuitive Eating

How to Know What to Eat and When to Stop

How to Know What to Eat and When to Stop

I don’t know whether to blame the media, or food companies and their propaganda, or the proliferation of fast food and junk foods, but an observation I have seen with my clients and people around me is that we have forgotten how to know what to eat.

There has become an over-reliance these days on diet books and crazy eating plans to tell us what to eat and when. If we are not following the advice of the latest fad diet, or trying to stick to a meal plan, it leads to mindlessly eating. This might mean stuffing food into our mouths while on the go or when engaged in some other kind of activity, just for the sake of eating.

The pleasure of eating and enjoying food seems to have disappeared, so that instead of slowing sown to enjoy all there is about the food we will eat, we eat without even taking note of a single taste, smell, texture or other sensation. This in turn leaves us feeling unsatisfied and then looking for more to eat to meet the craving that hasn’t yet been met.

Our instincts have faded and are hiding so deeply within us that we have lost the ability to know what to eat for our bodies to be balanced and healthy, and we are feeling more confused than ever.