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USC Prep Work

This content is designed so you can get started right away. It forms the foundation for the following 9 months that we will spend together. It is important to complete this work so that you can get clear on your motivations for being part of this program, to set intentions of what you want to be, do and have in your life by the end of the program, and to help you commit to the process needed to take inspired action to get the results you want.

The Prep Work workbook can be downloaded below. It contains fillable fields so you can either type your responses or print the document and write your answers on the pages and keep them in a file.

There is also a short guide to creating your sacred space and altar which I highly recommend you set up for doing the moon retreats and your daily rituals at.

I also suggest that you get a journal which you can use for this program, as journalling is one of the important tools I will be suggesting you start practicing and integrating during our time together.

Prep Work Materials


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