How to Balance your Body and Soul by Grounding

How to Balance your Body and Soul by Grounding

Everyone could use a little grounding in their life. You may be unfamiliar with the term grounding or earthing, but it is nothing to shy away from! Grounding is a natural way to ease the stress in your life, as well as improve sleep by using--that’s right--the very ground we stand on! Our bodies were meant to come in contact with the earth daily, multiple times per day even.

Throughout the years, we have gradually spent less and less time outdoors. Between long hours at work, the day-to-day chores associated with owning vehicles and homes, over-stimulation with our various electronic devices, and easily accessible entertainment right from our couch, it has become increasingly difficult to enjoy our leisure time outside.

Usually, we will find tiles, carpet, wood and other synthetic floorings in homes and work spaces, that replace the very floors our ancestors walked on- the earth in its purest form.

Read on for ways you can ground your body and get back in sync with Mother Earth, all while relieving stress, decreasing inflammation, and syncing your body with the earth below you.