10 Top Tips for Improving Your Work-Life Balance

10 Top Tips for Improving Your Work-Life Balance

When I first started my health coaching business, I honestly had no idea just how much I would need to hustle- especially when I first started out.

There never seemed to be an end to the things that I needed to do, and the work living a life side of things edged so far out that work and life were just one big blurred mess.

As a Libra moon in my astrology natal chart, having peace and balance is very important to me. It turns out that having me in their life is also important to my friends and family (who haven’t always been so understanding of all the work I have needed to do!).

The thing I have come to learn is that balance itself is pretty much elusive, and that our state of balance is going to shift and change as we go through different stages of our life.

What I think is important is to be able to recognise when we are trying to do too much, if that state is causing us to feel stressed and overwhelmed, and if it is, what we can do to shift things so they are less intense and easier to manage. Then we can be in more alignment, flow, and have more energy and freedom to do things on our terms.

What Every Ambitious Woman Needs to Know To Be Unstoppable

What Every Ambitious Woman Needs to Know To Be Unstoppable

I believe so much in the power of being unstoppable that it has become my business mission to help every ambitious and driven woman entrepreneur I know to be living an unstoppable life.

So what does it mean to actually BE unstoppable?

5 Signs You’re Burning-Out and How to Stop It

5 Signs You’re Burning-Out and How to Stop It

You might think that burnout is something that only happens to other people, busier people, more important people. But let me tell you that burnout is a very real problem, especially for solopreneurs.

Maybe burnout affects us ambitious entrepreneurial women because we have such a soul connection with our business and our success in our work lies solely on our shoulders.

I know I have done my fair share of 14+ hour days as a business owner over the years (especially during times like launching) even though one of the reasons for starting my own business was to have freedom and NOT be tied to my computer all day!

Focusing so much attention on your business is not actually a wise decision- not if you want to achieve a work/life balance that makes you and your family happy. Even if you’re single, making time for self-care and relaxation will improve your overall health and mental wellbeing and your ability to work on your business successfully.

So let’s look at some of the signs to look for that indicate you might be headed toward burnout. If you can relate to any of these, then it’s time to reassess things in your life right now, because burnout is difficult (and costly!) to recover from!

12 Healthy Habits Every Entrepreneur Needs to Have to Be Unstoppable

12 Healthy Habits Every Entrepreneur Needs to Have to Be Unstoppable

Let’s face it, as entrepreneurs our lives are pretty hectic! If your days are like mine, then they are jam-packed and non-stop from the time you wake up until you finally close the lid of your laptop and go to bed.

There’s getting you and your family up and ready in the morning, then working hard all day, planning healthy meals, doing activities for the kids after school, working on your business once the house is finally quiet well into the late night (especially during launches!)…then there are unexpected  things like our kid gets sick, or we have an unexpected deadline at the same time as a we are trying to get our weekly blog post out, or our partner needs to go out of town for his work, leaving us to manage everything on our own…..it’s not a wonder we push ourselves into the brink of burnout.

Being burnout and suffering adrenal fatigue is the opposite to being an Unstoppable woman who can go about her day feeling radiant, with boundless energy and endless inspiration. The good news is, by managing stress in a positive way, these negative consequences can be avoided and you can be on top of your game to do it all.

The general key is to practice self-care. I talk about the importance of self-care all the time, but that’s because a lot of stressors in our life can be eliminated or decreased by following a simple routine that puts our health and wellness first.

Read on for the 12 healthy habits to help you manage the stress, prevent the overwhelm and have the energy you need to be unstoppable!

The Best Energy and Mood Boosting Foods

The Best Energy and Mood Boosting Foods

There is no question that what you eat can affect how you feel, right?

The foods we eat, and how they interact with our body and mind is actually very complex. While we don't know the exact mechanisms of how food and nutrition impact on our overall health and well-being, we do know a few ways food impacts our mental health and energy levels.

First, what we eat becomes the raw materials for our neurotransmitters. “Neurotransmitters” are biochemical messengers that allow our nerve cells to communicate (ever heard of serotonin?). They are important not just for our ability to think and our memory, but also for our overall mental health.

Second, what we eat affects our blood sugar. And having unstable blood sugar levels can contribute to mood swings and changes to our overall energy. Think about how you feel when you haven’t eaten for a while and are really hungry (hangry!) or after you have eaten a big meal and seem to fall into a slump depending on what foods you ate.

Let’s talk some more about mood-boosting and mood-busting foods.

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10 Ways to Break-Free From Stress for Women Who Hate to Meditate

10 Ways to Break-Free From Stress for Women Who Hate to Meditate

Meditation is great for relieving and dealing with stress, and all of the issues that come along with it. But it's not the only way to get there.

The whole purpose of meditating is to calm the mind and emotions and relax our physical body too. I know for some people, finding the time and learning how to meditate can lead to more stress and anxiety, especially if it feels “too hard” or like it’s “not working”.

Luckily for you, there are other ways to minimise stress that don’t involve meditating. So let’s talk about some of the other things to try if meditation is not exactly your thing

4 Surprising Reasons Why You’re Gaining Weight

4 Surprising Reasons Why You’re Gaining Weight

This blog post is for you, if you feel like you are doing everything “right” but your body seems to be functioning “all wrong”.

This information is for you if you’re positive that you're not eating more food or “junkier” food but you're still gaining weight.

This is for you if you feel bigger than ever, even though you are eating intuitively, only when you’re hungry and stopping when you’re full and really listening to what your body needs (and definitely not bingeing), but your clothes no longer fit you and you’ve gone up one or two dress sizes in a matter of months.

You might be asking yourself, how is this possible? Am I totally crazy?

Darling, you definitely are NOT crazy!

And here's why.

Whilst in theory the whole “calories in, calories out” argument makes sense, it’s an overly simplistic view of weight.

There's definitely more to the story than just what you're eating. For sure you can’t out-exercise a bad diet, but even following a healthy diet can still mean you have difficulty in losing weight and you can even gain weight despite being “good”.

A lot of this comes right down to your metabolic rate which is affected by things like your activity level, history of dieting, body composition, and even what you eat. Unexplained weight gain is usually a message from our body- which means we need to stop and listen to what it’s telling us so we can rectify things.

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How to Get a Healthy Mindset and Reach Your Goals Quicker

How to Get a Healthy Mindset and Reach Your Goals Quicker

When we first make the decision to get healthy and to make positive changes to our lifestyle, it can feel really overwhelming. It can seem like there are so many things that can improve your health and wellness but it’s difficult to know where to start. The good news is that there is a small- yet powerful- way that you can get started- and that’s with your mindset!

It doesn’t matter what habits and actions you try to change and put into practice, it is only with the right mindset that a long-lasting difference will happen- and the changes will be a lot easier to make too. Mindset is sometimes called “the story we tell ourselves.” It’s our attitude toward things in our life and is something that we have all the control over.