12 Healthy Habits Every Entrepreneur Needs to Have to Be Unstoppable

Let’s face it, as entrepreneurs our lives are pretty hectic! If your days are like mine, then they are jam-packed and non-stop from the time you wake up until you finally close the lid of your laptop and go to bed.

There’s getting you and your family up and ready in the morning, then working hard all day, planning healthy meals, doing activities for the kids after school, working on your business once the house is finally quiet well into the late night (especially during launches!)…then there are unexpected  things like our kid gets sick, or we have an unexpected deadline at the same time as a we are trying to get our weekly blog post out, or our partner needs to go out of town for his work, leaving us to manage everything on our own…..it’s not a wonder we push ourselves into the brink of burnout.

Being burnout and suffering adrenal fatigue is the opposite to being an Unstoppable woman who can go about her day feeling radiant, with boundless energy and endless inspiration. The good news is, by managing stress in a positive way, these negative consequences can be avoided and you can be on top of your game to do it all.

The general key is to practice self-care. I talk about the importance of self-care all the time, but that’s because a lot of stressors in our life can be eliminated or decreased by following a simple routine that puts our health and wellness first.

Read on for the 12 healthy habits to help you manage the stress, prevent the overwhelm and have the energy you need to be unstoppable!

12 Healthy Habits Every Entrepreneur Needs to Have to Be Unstoppable - Blog Post - Simone Samuels
  1. Say No to Stress 

It’s important to have time to relax and avoid stress as much as possible. These stress relieving tips can help you to keep stress to a minimum:

  • You can go out for a brief walk whenever you feel tensed to release the tension into the fresh air and feel lighter.

  • Music therapy is another stress reliever; listen to some soothing and calming music to keep all the negative thoughts at bay. I’ve been digging meditones lately as an amazing way to calm my mind and help me to focus.

  • Sleeping well can help you to refresh yourself as not getting enough sleep overwhelms you and you feel frustrated and stressed out. 

  • Take deep breaths going out into the fresh air, with each exhalation you will feel the burden of stress lifting from your shoulders.  I love the 4-7-8 breath technique!

  • Smile more often and laugh out loud, this will help you to feel happy and free of any stress. 

  • You can also use heat therapy to relieve stress. Apply some heating pads or wraps on your shoulders and neck to feel relax and safe from stress.

  • Book yourself a massage at the local spa to help you burst the big balloon of stress.

  • Use essential oils in a diffuser on your desk and help them work their magic. A great blend is Valor and Grapefruit in the diffuser or use the Stress Away roll-on – this is a savior for me!

  • Being grateful will also help you to reduce the stress as it promotes positive feelings and you feel good about yourself.

12 Healthy Habits Every Busy Entrepreneur Needs to Have to Be Unstoppable- Say No to Stress

2. Eat Healthy

We all know the benefits of eating healthy food- diet is the key to maintaining a good level of health from the way your body feels physically to the way your skin and hair looks. Include loads of fresh vegetables and fruit in your diet and avoid eating junk food to the maximum. This will keep yourself immune system strong so you’re less likely to get sick and be unable to go all-out. It can be difficult to commit to eating well, but try bringing this positive change to your life by following these guidelines:

  • Start by choosing a healthy diet and committing to it. For instance, there are simple carbohydrates that are dissolved easily by the body, so these must be taken in limited quantity as the body releases a lot of insulin to balance it out. On the other hand, there are complex carbohydrates that are dissolved slowly and are good for health. These are present in whole grain, brown rice, leafy vegetable and oats. So, increase the intake of these things as they are also loaded with vitamins and other nutrients. 

  • Protein is also very essential for the body to stay healthy, so intake plenty. I advise following a plant based diet and getting your protein from fermented soy products like tempeh, legumes and nuts. 

  • Know the difference between the good and bad fats. The unsaturated fats and omega-3 fatty acids are the good fats which don’t play any role in raising your cholesterol level. These are found in fish, nuts, and olive oil and in many other seeds as well. Saturated fats are the bad fats found in processed food that can raise your cholesterol level and cause heart diseases, so try to stay as far away from it as possible.

  • You can take super foods that are rich in nutrients to fulfill the demand of your body in a healthy manner. These can be great to add to smoothies (which are also an easy way to eat your fresh fruit and veg!)

  • Be mindful when you eat- stop before you are stuffed and only eat when you are truly hungry. Intuitive eating stops us from over-eating and helps us to make better food choices that are high vibe rather than draining.

  • Also drink plenty of water and avoid fast food and processed junk foods

12 Healthy Habits Every Entrepreneur Needs to Have to Be Unstoppable- Eat Healthy

3. Get Enough Sleep

It seems obvious, but if we want to have more energy then getting enough sleep is a very important factor in boosting the mind, which has a direct effect on your energy levels, our focus, and ability at facing life’s challenges. When you don’t sleep enough, you get annoyed at every little thing and do not feel good about anything. Hello, grumpy! This may also affect the people around you in a very negative way. So, try to get enough sleep so that you feel fresh and healthy when you get up and make this world a better place. An Unstoppable woman is vibrant, happy and positive as she goes about the day- which is only possible to feel when you are well rested.

  • Follow a set schedule to go to bed and getting out of it. Early to bed early to rise is the best strategy to promote good health.

  • Try to maintain this schedule on weekends as well or else you will disturb your mind by the changing routine. 

  • An hour before sleep must be spent in calm environment. Avoid using  the TV, tablet and devices like your phone and don’t indulge in any strenuous exercise.

  • Avoid heavy foods, nicotine and caffeine before several hours of going to bed to help you sleep better.

  • Keep your bedroom clean and inviting; also create a calming environment in it for a better sleep.

  • Have a nighttime routine and rituals such as taking a hot bath or enjoy a massage to promote better sleeping habits and encourage a peaceful sleep.

These tips will help you to sleep better and wake up feeling fresh and being Unstoppable!

12 Healthy Habits Every Entrepreneur Needs to Have to Be Unstoppable- Sleep

 4. Daily Exercise and Movement

While many of us will exercise to stay fit physically, moving your body also has a lot of mental benefits as well. The connection between physical fitness and mental health is closely interlinked. So, make a habit of doing some form of movement regularly to keep your mind and body fit and active. Follow the below steps to stay motivated for exercising.

  • If the idea of exercise makes you cringe, its time to flip that limiting belief. Think  of how good you will feel by being strong and fit. Consider that you are setting an example and being a good role model for your children. Or just don’t even think of it as being exercise but a way to get up and have fun while moving your body!

  • Combine outside time with your daily movement- walk on the beach or in your local park, use a jogging track or ride your bike around your neighbourhood

  • Set a goal for you to achieve like being able to run a half marathon, or wanting to be able to walk without stoppingfor a certain amount of time, or even be able to conquer a really difficult yoga pose.

  • Set a regular time for your workout and don’t keep varying it. Group classes at the gym can be motivational or schedule your moving time like you would anything else that’s important, making it a non-negotiable.

  • Try to add fun to your exercising regime like play some loud music while you do it to help you keep motivated. 

  • Team up with a friend or your partner to get better results and make it fun and social.

I promise that getting your blood circulating and the endorphins flowing will make your feel unstoppable every time!

12 Healthy Habits Every Entrepreneur Needs to Have to Be Unstoppable- Exercise and Movement

5. Meditation and Breath Work

It might seem cliche, but the truth is that a regular meditation practice can have a very positive effect on our attitude towards life. Take some time out daily to quiet your mind even if it’s just 5 minutes a day. This helps to soothe your nerves and to feel stress-free. When you don’t feel stressed, you send and receive good vibes from everyone and feel happy about your life and your relationships. You can also do give breath work a try- focused breathing techniques that can reduce tension in our mind and body and is a great combo to meditation.

There are heaps of meditation styles to explore. The meditating technique concentration meditation is used to focus on a single point and mindful meditation is used to control wandering thoughts. There is also TM, guided meditations and visualisations. I encourage you to experiment with the different styles. No matter which style you try, meditation can provide various benefits such as lower blood pressure, improved blood circulation, lower heart rate, less perspiration, slower respiratory rate, less anxiety and lesser stress. The following steps can help you to start meditating:

  • Sit back or lie as comfortable as possible and close your eyes.

  • Breathe naturally and don’t try to control it.

  • Now breathe by focusing your attention on it and notice how your body moves with each inhalation and exhalation. Observe how your thorax, chest and abdomen move during breathing. Just notice the movement without controlling the breathing process. Start doing this for 2 to 3 minutes and then increase the duration.

  • Meditation will help you in many ways to boost your mind, body and soul and feel unstoppable if you can stick to it. 

If you really can’t bear the idea of meditation and have tried and failed in the past, I have some more anti-meditation relaxation tips for you in this blog post.

12 Healthy Habits Every Entrepreneur Needs to Have to Be Unstoppable- Meditation and Breathwork

6. Love Yourself

In our busy world, we often don’t get enough time for ourselves and ignore our well-being which just leads to mental and physical health issues. So, it’s very important to take some time out for yourself from your busy routine. When we neglect ourselves and never take a break for any sort of self-care it can lead us into the never-ending work routines with no fun or pleasure. This is what causes us to feel stuck, unmotivated and to start feeling down or frustrated.

The easy solution to this problem is to take care of you. If you don’t, then who will? Take out some “me-time” from your around-the-clock schedule and treat yourself with something nice to relieve the stress. And do not feel selfish about it. Because when you feel good, you’re able to take better care of your relationships and work more effectively and efficiently.

There is no specific thumb of rule to take care of yourself; you can plan whatever you like to do to feel refreshed. However, here is a list of things that makes most people feel happy:

  • Spend some time alone with you, away from the running world, in some calm and quiet place. You can go for a morning walk or anything you love to do while alone. But don’t put on TV or laptop. Just be with yourself.

  • Analyse what you have been doing and appreciate yourself for your achievements and encourage attaining more.

  • Read your favorite book or poetry. 

  • Focus your energy on being a beautiful person on the inside rather than the outward beauty.

  • Get up early in the morning, eat healthy through the day, indulge in some exercise and meditation and go to bed early. This healthy routine will keep your mind and body on the right track and your soul will automatically feel refreshed and unstoppable.

I have some more great self-care ideas for entrepreneurs in my free e-book that you can download by entering your details below.

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7. Spend Time with Your Loved Ones

Spending time with your loved ones is food for the soul. You feel refreshed and happy when you get enough attention, love and time from your loved ones and vice versa. So, to boost your energy levels and to help your soul be satisfied, try to maximize the time you spend with your family, your partner and your kids. Try these ways to spend the maximum time with your loved ones:

  • Arrange specific activities that you love to do with your partner or kids. For example, go to a theme park and take rides with your children. Or plan a movie night with your partner. These little trips will help you to stay happy and feel blessed.

  • Always plan for extra-busy times like launches so that you don’t disappoint your family when you are unable to show-up as much as usual. 

  • Give yourself a break from the technology; your phone, iPad and laptop, need to stay away from you for so that you can spend time with your family truly being present with them. I make a point of not using my phone unless it’s an emergency when I’m with my son in the evenings and I know that he appreciates this focused 1:1 mummy time so much.

  • Try to communicate with your partner and children one to one to promote feelings of mutual love and respect.

  • Use positive affirming words to give off positive vibes.

12 Healthy Habits Every Entrepreneur Needs to Have to Be Unstoppable- Spend time with loved ones

8. Go Outside Often

Staying contained inside the walls of your home and glued to your desk all the time is not a good idea. As business-owners it’s easy to have very little outside contact if we just work from home all day. Spending some quality time outdoors to appreciate Mother Nature has a very positive after-effect. It is essential for me to take time outside every day to just bask in the sun and to have time away from the computer screen.

There’s nothing much that beats taking deep breaths in some greenery to make you feel refreshed. You can also plan an outdoor workout or even a morning or evening walk to release the stress of your daily routine- this is also a great way to get that body moving! Getting out of town by yourself or with your family can help you a lot with releasing all the pressure that the usual routine and disrupt any negative thinking or patterns.

  • Go for a morning or evening walk daily.

  • Plan small trips to recreational parks or the cinema with your friends or family or even alone.

  • Plan a long trip out of town occasionally, and spend quality time with your loved ones

By getting out it definitely helps you to come back renewed and refreshed and being unstoppable again!

12 Healthy Habits Every Entrepreneur Needs to Have to Be Unstoppable- Get outside often

9. Follow Your Dreams

Everyone tells you to follow your dreams but only the lucky ones amongst us do it. There are many reasons that people give up on their dreams, such as the piling up of bills, or life throwing you curveballs that are difficult to handle. But you should know that there are always going to be some barriers in the way of following your dreams, and that an unstoppable woman will find a way to overcome these challenges in a way that is graceful and strong.

  • Following your dreams will make your life worth it, every day you wake up you will have a sense of satisfaction that you are doing what you want to.

  • When you do what you love, you will enjoy doing it and it won’t feel like work

  • You will be an inspiration to other and they will try to follow in your footsteps.

  • Doing what you always wanted to do and going after the dreams by working hard; this will make people around you proud of you and you will feel motivated.

12 Healthy Habits Every Entrepreneur Needs to Have to Be Unstoppable- Follow your dreams

 10. Be Grateful

Being grateful for what you have thrived for and achieved and what you have been granted will have a very positive impact on your behavior. You will feel blessed, humbled and happy when you show your gratitude for what you have been given. The ways to be grateful are given below.

  • Keep a record of the things that you have attained in a journal and be grateful for them.

  • Always remember the bad things that could have happened to you but didn’t, this will automatically bring a sense of gratitude in you.

  • Show your gratitude for the senses you have been provided with while many others have been denied.

  • Watch your language and include thank you, sorry and please in it with a smile.

12 Healthy Habits Every Entrepreneur Needs to Have to Be Unstoppable- Be Grateful

11. Have an Optimistic Approach Towards Life

Another important step towards being Unstoppable is to have a positive approach towards life. You can maintain a positive attitude in life by following the following simple steps:

  • Start believing that happiness is a choice of your own; it isn’t dependent on any outside forces like incidents or relationships- but yourself. It isn’t always easy to choose to be happy, but it is worth trying. When you stay happy you give off positive vibes and you become a magnet for good things.

  • Relieve yourself from any sort of negative thoughts or negative people in your surroundings. Stop doing things that make you feel bad about yourself or have a negative influence on your thought process and learn to focus on the positive things. When faced with a challenge or difficulty, do your best to look on the brighter side of the things and try to solve the situation instead of panicking and thinking you’re worth nothing. A good way of maintaining a positive attitude is to accept yourself warts and all and appreciate yourself for all that you do. I like to use the phrase, “this too shall pass”, as a way to move through difficult moments with grace.

  • Finally, try to share your happiness and positivity with the people around you to have an overall positive environment.

Having a positive outlook towards life feeds your mind, body and soul with optimism, which is what mindset is needed to be Unstoppable.

12 Healthy Habits Every Entrepreneur Needs to Have to Be Unstoppable- Be Optimistic

12. Create a Mind-Body-Soul Connection 

The mind, body and soul are wired to each other so strongly that if one of them is influenced by something, this influence will have a direct effect on the others as well. Since these are interconnected so intricately, having a single thought can set off various alarms in our body and put us off-balance. Some ways to create greater balance include:

  • Meditate and give yourself some time to bring your thoughts in balance with what your body can achieve for you and keep your soul satisfied.

  • Take enough sleep to keep the balance between mind and body as both need some time off to relax.

  • Take some herbal tea to soothe the nerves of the mind and give a refreshing feel in the body as well.

  • Exercise daily to release the toxins that disturb the balance between the mind and the body and disturb the soul by doing so.

  • Cultivate good relationships around you to feel emotionally stable and laugh out loud at least once a day to stay happy.

These 12 healthy habits will help you a lot in your daily life and in the long run as well. If you develop these habits, they will increase your levels of energy, help you to feel inspired and motivated and to go about your day with focus and positive intention- so reaching your goals and living your dream life is doable and you are truly Unstoppable!

12 Healthy Habits Every Entrepreneur Needs to Have to Be Unstoppable- Creat a mind-body-soul connection

Love these tips? Get my free guidebook which includes these 12 tips in a downloadable PDF that you can keep handy as a reference of how to be Unstoppable.

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