How to Make Plans for Your Business Based on the Moon

How to Make Plans for Your Business Based on the Moon

Whilst at first it may seem a little woo-woo, harnessing the energy of them moon as she moves through her phases is actually something that is very strategic and logical and can make planning- in both your business and your life- much easier!

Gazing at the moon and using the moon’s energy has guided humans for eons, and scientific studies have been conducted that show the moon has effects on our mood and energy. We know that the lunar cycle controls the ocean tides, it affects reproduction in fish, melatonin levels in birds, hormonal changes in insects and can also impact on our menstrual cycles.

For centuries farmers have planted crops and harvested at particular times depending on the moon, and just like the moon affects the tides, she can also impact on the salt water that arises within our own bodies which are comprised of 50-70% water. It’s water that stores our emotions and energy and you may have even felt this on a full moon with stronger emotions and restless sleep.

Mama moon may seem mystical and magical but her power is real, and harnessing that is advantageous for us humans here on earth. When you start noticing and tracking the phases from new moon to full moon, as well as how you feel physically, mentally and emotionally at each phase, you will start becoming aware of just how powerful them moon really is.